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Un ragazzo che non può pagare 30.000€ di cure.
Con la sfortuna di vivere in una nazione ove queste cure non esistono, e dove 30.000 sono 10 anni di stipendi.
AEGEE è un'associazione studentesca, siamo tutti squattrinati, ma se qualcuno può mettere qualcosa...
Basta davvero poco da tanti e 30.000€ diventano inezie se ognuno mette anche una cifra simbolica.
L'Europa è grande
AEGEE Catania venerdì deciderà se e quanto usare delle proprie risorse per aiutare questo ragazzo, se qualcuno vuole contribuire penso fare un unico bonifico sia l'ideale (essendo diretto in Romania.)

RO94 BACX 0000 0034 6278 3001

We ask for two minutes of your time for something very important. Maybe you have met in an event the ever-optimistic Tudor. Now Tudor Nedelcu, 23 years old student, active member of AEGEE-Bucuresti, former vice-president and currently member of the Supervisory Board needs help.

A few weeks ago he underwent brain surgery in order to have a brain-tumor removed. However he still needs radiotherapy which cannot be done in Romania due to the specifics of the illness. A possibility for further treatment has been found in the Corachan Radiotherapy Clinic in Barcelona. However the costs are unaffordable for his family. The radiotherapy treatment costs 8000 euro, while the costs for the hosipitalisation are 250 euro/day and he needs about 2 and a half month for treatment. In total the costs are about 30.000 euro.

If you have the possibility to help, even if only with a few euro, here are the account number: EURO : RO94 BACX 0000 0034 6278 3001 opened at HVB Tiriac Bank, Bucuresti Branch on the name of Viorel Nedelcu. We would also appreciate to tell us if you have any other ideas how we could help Tudor overcome this hard situation.

For any question or information please write to mail_placeholder

Here you can read the letter of Mr. Viorel Nedelcu, Tudor's father:

I am coming in front of you to ask you from the bottom of my heart to help me. My family is going through a terrible ordeal brought upon by the illness of our son. My name is Viorel Nedelcu, a retired man from Bucuresti. My child, Tudor Nedelcu is 23 years old and is a student in the IVth year at the Faculty for Computers in Bucuresti. This year, on the 19th of May, during a routine physical check-up, Tudor was found to have a brain tumor, and as a result of the biopsy he was diagnosed with benign fibrilar astrocitoma, stage II. He underwent emergency surgery at the University Municipal Hospital on the 8th of June. After the operation some complications arrised: cerebral edema and bronchopneumony. He stayed in the same hospital for 6 more weeks at the Intensive Terapy Ward. Now he is admitted at the Neurology Clinic of Bucuresti. Several investigations have been made, like CAT-Scan and NMR, which revealed that there still is some remaining tumoral tissue and some brain
lesions. These require urgent radiotherapy or X-rays treatment, which can be done only at a Special Clinic.

The big problem is that the amplitude of the illness and the a Neuro-Oncology Specialist to oversee permanently such a treatment make it impossible to treat my child in Romania. The doctors recommended us to look for a solution at clinics from other countries. We have found a suitable treatment at the Corachan Radiotherapy Clinic in Spain, in Barcelona more exactly. The costs of the treatment are however huge for us, I receive only my retirement pension and my wife is employed with a regular job. We have another daughter, also a student, that we have to support. The radiotherapy treatment costs 8000 euro at this clinic, while the hospital costs are 249 euro/ day, while the treatment should last at least 2 month and a half. We have made an aproximate assesments of the costs and we would need at least 30.000 euro.

Aside the financial effort that we will make our best to cover, I am coming in front of you with the request to present this case further in order to recieve some financial help for saving my son.

Viorel Nedelcu, Bucuresti
The accounts are open at the HVB Tiriac Bank, Bucuresti Branch on the name of Nedelcu Viorel:
cont RON: RO24 BACX 0000 0034 6278 3000 ( for Romanian LEI )
cont EUR: RO94 BACX 0000 0034 6278 3001 ( for EURO )

Thank you

AEGEE Bucuresti

AEGEE Bucuresti - Asociatia Studentilor Europeni
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