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Fourth Parkinson's Disease Summer School for heal***are students, PhD students and junior professionals will be held from July 23rd to August 1st 2012 in Warsaw, Poland. The event combines: innovation in education, inspiration in research and teamwork in heal***are with social activities and partying.

Our Summer School is hosted by Warsaw Medical University: Medical University of Warsaw

European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA) endorses this event and we have established sponsorship collaborations with various pharmaceutical companies and academic organizations.

The keynote lectures in our Summer School will be done by a Parkinson expert, a patient and a carer. Students will work in international and multidisciplinary teams of five people to create a research project proposal during the Summer School. The process is guided by peer trainers. Process outcomes will be quality assured by experts.

The number of participants is limited to 25.

More details and online registration:
Parkinson's Disease Summerschool for Healthcare students

For any questions, please, contact me.

Krzysztof Nesterowicz, PhD student

Parkinson's Disease Summer School Trainer
E-mail: mail_placeholder
Skype: krzysztof_nesterowicz
Mobile: +48601578897, Poland

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