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mi correggete evantuali errori??
Dear ….......,
Thank you for your address in England! My name is Martina and I'm thirteen years old. I'm a student. I live in an appartament in Aosta in the north-west of Italy. I'm not tall and I'm weight. My hair are light brown and short. My nose is hooked and my eyes are chestnut. I'm sociable, friendly, dynamic, active, unselfish,stubbon, lazy, cheerfull and sensitive.
I live with my mother Elisa, my father Giuseppe (they are fourty-four) and my brother Alessandro. He is eleven. And my guinea pig Chicca: I love it! She's adorable
I live in an appartament; it is situated on the seventh floor. There are a living room, a kitchen, two bedroom, two bathroom and a study. “ ..... “
At 6:45 I get up
At 6:50 I wash
At 7:00 I have breakfast
At 7:15 I wash my tooth
At 7:30 I go to school
At 8:00 school start
At 13:20 finish school
At 13:30 I have a lunch
At 14:00 I study
At 17:00 I go at volley ball
At 19:00 I go at home
At 19:30 I have a dinner
At 22:30 I go to bed

I speak Italian, french and a little English. My favourite subject is history but I don't like maths.
I like listening to music and playing volley ball.
At weekends I go out with my friends. Sometimes we go skating. Or to the cinema.
My favourite superstars are a young Italian band: “dARI”
The singer's name is Dario Massimo Pirovano he was born in Aosta 24 November 1982. His nickname is “Dari”
The pianist's name is Andrea Cadioli he was born in Aosta 13 March 1987. His nickname is “Cadio”
The bassist's name is Fabio Cuffari: he was born in Aosta 14 august 1982. His nickname is “Fab” or “Fabbeo”
The percussionist's name is Daniel Fasano: he was born in Vercelli 20 may 1988. His nickname is “Fasa”.
This group is not very popular but their most famous song is “Wale tanto Wale”.
Whit “Wale tanto Wale” their career started.
“dARI” are not very popular buth they have recorded 3 albums and the fourth is almost ready.
They are my favourite band because I like their style, their songs, they are nice.
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"Thank you for your address in England!" vuol dire: Grazie per il tuo indirizzo in Inghilterra... cosa volevi dire?
"and a study" non sono sicura che sia coretto... prova a ricontrollare.
"tooth" non è coretto: denti si dice teeth.
"finish school" penso sia il contrario: school finish come hai messo prima, school start.
"volley ball" si dovrebbe scrivere tutto attaccato (se vuoi far una figura migliore puoi dire "I go to volleyball pratice". In caso poi puoi dire "I return home", non mi ricordo se ci va il to, per non ripetere go).
"history" Si scrive maiuscolo così come tutte le materie.
"“dARI” are not very popular" l'hai già detto ti consiglierei di levarlo.
"buth" senza h: but.
Spero che le correzioni che ho fatto siano giuste. In bocca a lupo!!! :hi
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