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when sidney and Margery De Haan bought a 12.bedroom hotel in Folkeston after the second world war, they did not realise that they wer going to change the lives of many pensioner in the UK.
the holiday industry in the uk was revolutionised in 1951 by a men called Sidney De Haan invented saga, a package holiday company for older and retired people. his vision ws to recongnise the value of older people has a customer group and to make their needs and interests the focus of his business. if De Haan had not recongnised this market, life for the over-50 would have been different.
the De Haan' hotel businnes was not good in the autumn and winter, and the hotel was threatened with closure. howevwr, Margery De Haan notice thet most of the people who used park banches in the town during the year wer elderly. she realised that thes people were using the park benches because they had nowher else to go and nothing esle to do.if ther was nowher else go, there was a market for creating that place for old people.
De Haan decided to target elderly people offering them cheap accomodation in his hotel. he thought, "if i offer thes people cheap holiday and organise everything they will want to travel", he was right , his intial idea eexpanded and he started to offer coach trips with a stay in his hotel. this appealed to pensiooners because it was very cheap and it meant they could travel in a way they had the opportunrtly to do before.
over the day years, Saga holiday older people the chance to travel aboard for weeks at a time, or the chance vist France for a day for those who didn't have passport. nowadays pensioners can choos to travel to the US for a weekend, cruise the Mediterranean or go wine-tasting in the south African vineyards, if pensioner want to travel to parrticular places, they will find allthe information they need in the Saga travel magazine or on the Saga website.
De Haan decided that if the holidays worked, other businness ideas for the over 50s would work too. in 1984, he relaunched the saga magazine. it dealt with topics of genral interest to pensioners as well as holiday information, and soon achieved a circulation of 1.2 million. De Haan that developed Saga mewsletters, Saga websites, Saga financial advice services and isurance, and a Saga radio station.
all of this means that the over-50 and the retired can have active lives and active holidays wherever and whenever they want.
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