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Complete the story by using the verbs correctly
If you(think) that dog are obedient animals maybe you(not know) what [happen] to me a few days ago. I [have] a nice little dog. I [have] him for four years and we always [get] on well, he [like] going out for a walk in the evening and when it [be] time to go he [begin] to jump up and dawn. He always [follow] me without a lead and usually [behave] perfectly. But last Tuesday I [sit] comfortably on the sofa when he [show]me he [want] to go out. I [say] to him :”it [not be] time yet. I [only/read] the paper for 10 minutes. As soon as I [finish] this article I [ take] you out for a walk.” It [rain]. It [rain] non-stop for three days. Anyway, after a while I unwillingly [put] on my raincoat and [get] ready to go out whit my dog. While I was out in the pouring rain I [thing] to myself that it [be] nice to have a dog but not when the weather [be] bad. That evening the wind [blow] so hard that after I [walk] for about twenty minutes I was soaked through , so I [decide] it [be] time to go back home. It [call] the dog several times but he [not/appear] . after [look] for him for over half an hour I sadly [return] home. But in front of the fire. How long [he/be] there? Since I [go] out. He [see]that rain and he [decide] to postpone his walk.
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think don't know happened had had get??? liked was began followed (behave nn mi ricordo cm fa al passato) set showed wanted said isn't (che cosa volevi dire con only/read???) finish take rain rained put got thought was were/was(nn ne sono sicura) blew walked decided was called didn't appear looking??? returned ( voleva essere solo un be potrebbe tradursi con was) went saw??? decided

sicuramente non è tt meglio di così snz dizionario nn so fare
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