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Salve a tutti...domani ho compito d'inglese...e mi servirebbe un testo anke breve in inglese (ma anke in Italiano va bene) che tratti delle differenze tra Shakespeare e Geoffrey Chaucer...


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Ho trovato questi.

Se voui altro posta il testo in inglese e lo traduco!

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Grazie a me servirebbe proprio un testo sulle differenze tra i due....sai qst è un compito di riepilogo e la prof ha detto k kiede tt il programma...quindi nn ho molto tempo per fare tutto e mi servirebbero proprio le differenze tra i due...:)
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Ecco a te...spero che ti sia di grande aiuto...questi sono degli appunti che la nostra prof ci ha fatto scrivere :hi:

William Shakespeare was born at Stratford on Avon in 1564. He was a son of a glover, John and Mary Arden, he went to King Edward's Grammar School, but he wasn't a good student and he never went to university. In 1582, at the age of 18, he married Anne Hathaway and them had a son called Hamnet and two daughters named Susan and Judith. In 1585, he left his native town and went to London. At the first he worked outside the playhouses, attending to the horses, then he became an actor and finally began writing plays. He wrote 38 plays and they were so successful that he made a lot of money and won the admiration of Queen Elizabeth I. He wrote comedies, tragedies, historical plays, poems and sonnets. We can remember Hamlet, Julius Caesar, The twelfth night, Romeo and Juliet and at the age of 35 he became one owners of the famous "Globe Theatre". In London towards the end of his life he went back to Stratford were he bought a house and died on 23rd April 1616.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I playhouses were different from modern theatres: they were round or octagonal. They were made of wood and they were unroofed. They had no scenery or curtains actors didn't wear period costumes. They shouted anda danced, music in fact was very important. Only men could act and female parts were played by young boys-plays were performed during the day.

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