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Allora, premetto dicendo che sono propio scarso in inglese, e per questo chiedo il vostro aiuto! so che sono facilissimi questi due esercizi, ma per me sono difficili

nel primo esercizio devo dire che tipo di testo sono i testi che seguono, tra questi:

novel, poem, textbook, dictionary, biography, play

1 testo (penso che è poem)

The sick rose

oh rose, thou art sick!
the invisible worm
that flies in the night,
in the howling sotrm,

has found out thy bed
of crimson joy:
and his dark secret love
does thy life destroy

William Blake

2 testo

CECIL GRAHAM: [COMING TOWARDS HIM] My dear Arthur, I never talk scandal. I only talk gossip.
LORD WINDERMERE: What is the difference between "scandal" and gossip?
CECIL GRAHAM: oh! gossip is so charming! History is merely gossip, but scandal is gossip made tedious by morality. now, I never moralize. A man who moralizes is usually a hypocrite, and a woman who moralizes is invariably plain.

Oscar Wilde

3 testo (penso che è dictionary)

Howl /ipa/ noun [C] a long loud cry made by a dog or a wolf.
Howl verb to make a howl or to say something with a howl: the wind howled around the house.

4 testo

Photo A shows some microbes. Microbes are small living things that are so small that they can only be seen under a microscope. the microbe in photo A is Penicillum. This is a thype of fungus that the drug penicillin is mande from.

5 testo

The school master was leaving the village and everybody seemed sorry. the miller at Cresscombe lent him the small white tilted cart and horse to carry his goods to the city of his destination...

Thomas Hardy

6 testo (penso che è biography)

The Stratford Boy

William Shakespeare is generally thought to have been born 23 April 1564 and registers of the Holy Trinity Churc at Sratford-upon-Avon record his baptism on the 26th of that month.

2° eservizio: bisogna rispondere a delle domande su questi testi.

1 What do thou and thy mean in the poem? what do you think the rose represents?
2 Do you agree with Cecil Graham's opinions about gossip and scabdal?
3 Where can you find the word "howl" in the texts? Which definition best matches it?
4 What age student do you think the textbook is for? What subject is it?
5 What period do you think the novel is set in?
6 Where and when was Shakespeare born?

le risposte fatele più semplici possibili!!

vi scongiuro, fatemelo entro stasera!! il mio prof mette il voto su questo compito!

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1) poem (poema)
2)play (commedia)
3)dictionary (dizionario)

6)Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, in 1564

le altre domande non sono riuscita farle

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grazie mille!! qualcun'altro può aiutarmi??? oggi il prof nn c'era!! quindi mi serve per sabato?

perfavore qualcuno mi aiuti!

propio nessuno può aiutarmi???
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