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Ciao a tutti... dovrei fare un breve testo di inglese su un abitudine italiana o inglese... avevo pensato per esempio di scrivere qualcosa sulla abitudine degli inglese che cenano presto (alle 5 del pomeriggio)... spero che qualcuno mi aiuti
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Beh ma dove starebbe il problema?
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non lo so deve fare in inglese e proprio non lo so fare..per favore aiutamiii
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Mi dispiace ma non posso esserti d'aiuto
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What about English eating habits?

Here you go
Here it is
Here you are

Hope this helps :)

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gli inglese fanno una colazione molto abbondante , composta soprattutto da cereali, marmellata      
Invece il pranzo al contrario della colazione è un pasto molto veloce; i ragazzi pranzano nelle mense delle scuole, mentre gli adulti direttamente a lavoro o nei fast-food.     
Per loro la cena è il pasto più importante della giornata, cenano intorno alle 5      

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The alimentary habits of the English are rather different from the nostre;las first breakfast (breakfast), it is very abundant; it is composed from: eggs with bacon (eggs and bacon),cereali (cereals), jam (jam), butter (butter), slices biscottate (rusk), fruit's juice (fruit juice), milk and coffee (milk & coffee)
The lunch (lunch) contrarily of the breakfast, it is a very fast meal; it is consumed by the boys in the scholastic cafeterias, from the adults often in the fast-foods, caffetterie, pub or directly on the place of employment.
The lunch is mainly composed from hamburger with the roast ones and french fries (chips), or sandwich and fish & chips (fish and chips).
Also in Italy he is spreading this habit because of the schedules of job that are by now similar to those English.
A classical Anglo-Saxon tradition is that to take the the at five o'clock in the afternoon.
The supper (dinner) it is the most important meal of the day; it has generally been consumed since 18 to the 19 and it is composed of meat and vegetable (meat & vegetables), or fish, soups (soup), cheese (cheese). it yields her (fruit) you/he/she is rarely consumed because of the elevated prices. The dessert consists in a dessert typical of Great Britain called Pudding. Only in the special occasions he toasts with beer and wine because they are very expensive; usually water or tea he/she is drunk.
Very used it is the “TAKE AWAY” or the meal that directly brings him to house from the restaurant or from the pizzeria.
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