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Compleatate la storia con i verbi quì sotto, scegliendo tra past simple e present continuos:
have - arrive - rain - push - try - hear - mug - talk - help - stand - phone - run - go - wait.

Last night I was outside a cinema in Leicester Square. I was waiting for a friend to arrive. It ____and cold and my friend was already ten minutes late. While I ______ there I suddendly _____ a lady shouting. Across the street two men _____ an old lady. One of them _____ her then the other one ____to take her bag. I ___ my mobile phone in my pocket so I ___ the police. While I ____ on the phone to the police the men ____ away. I ___ to help the old lady. Poor thing! I ____ her to stand up when two police officers ____.

Vi prego aiutatemi!!!!!!
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it was raining-I stood-Heard-were mugging-pushed-tryed- ?? -phoned-was talking-ran-went-helped-arrived

spero sia giusto
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