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devo scrivere cosa farò la prossima settimana (inventando) usando (be)going to e will...vi ringrazio tantissimo in anticipo!!
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non è chiaro scs devi scrivere delle frasi o un brano??
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nn ho capito cosa ti serve se puoi esse più preciso se no nn sappiamo cm poterti aiutare
Bad Boy 94
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vedi s ti e di aiuto:

believe is a word difficult. you've ever thought?. must be safe, sentirselo inside you believe in something.

I do not know tell me look, I have always been a landslide to talk about what happens to me, at most lodarmi can you go?, so to be boring, is what to do so Melgar say?, perhaps, think that lately I lose in truismi easy, the story of the moon if you wish you could see it too, sometimes find it here or there, just a few searches that 'the sky, maybe when you're tediata from the time you lazy stiracchia on us or when go home tonight and think of a boy, who is unimportant, the important thing is that the heart throb stronger and trying to smile reflected in shop windows, just to feel alive, I imagine you are tired of old faces, of nights passed to plunge into alcohol and throat tar to fill the gaps in the head or drown the sentences of heart-choose your favorite metaphor-and that the world does not stop we'll avevan said?, weeping with me,
Tomorrow is a word that too often repeat, do not touch I do not think it would be fair, I have cold and the wind makes me turn off the senses, give me your golf that you have warm, he thinks it is strange, but I also feel bad in the middle of the chest we'll swear
but then I have to flee I chose loneliness, with eyes closed, millions of emotions
weep for me, if you will, basically I made the silly, but do not know is that you are not interesting is that I do not believe most anything, what you think? if I take now and I'm going to be easier not all think?, you do not need me and I do not want you ever think otherwise
expected to move off a moment in the balcony and I see black and I repeat that have not been so well by now, if you want you can call me tomorrow and tell me your life omitting your mistakes, and I attack the wall of secrets, tell me that you you have one, tell me that we are two.
do not leave me tell me you've heard?, I need only star and I see the fog in this room, I want to dance just a minute to tell which is a last dance but I remain an image in more and I do not think I do, but you have fun, there's a lot of people here tonight, I do not want to distract us, it's easy to go wrong person at night when everything seems sfuocato from sleep and melancholy that is worse than taxes, I promise you that sooner or later we meet again
where it is difficult to go wrong
believe my voice now?
it's time for me to wake up and stop fighting ghosts invisible, impalpable, cold and silent that I run around
and stop talking
we are silent which is not bad, we are in silence and think to look at me.

M.: starting would be easier, by cowards. I want to stay here and feel him all this, living through and through this cold shower of emotions.

No: I can not understand.

M.: Do not give in to it.
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