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Mi servirebbe una piccola recensione su "harry potter e il calice di fuoco" in inglese, film o libro..
Qualcuno mi può aiutare?!
Per favore è per domanii! ç_ç
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Guarda qua se ti può essere utile...
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ho già guardato su wikipedia ma me ne serve uno breve con parole abbastanza semplici..
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Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire
The story begins with three unusual events. First Harry has a dream about Voldemort. Next Harry gets invited to the Quidditch World Cup where the Dark Mark, Voldemort's sign, appears in the sky. Finally when Harry returns to school, his name is mysteriously entered for the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Harry and three other students are chosen to compete. The three other students are Victor Krum, Fleur Delacour, and Cedric Diggory.They have to compete in three magical tasks. The day of the first task arrives. The task involves getting past a dragon to get a golden egg. Harry gets the golden egg in the least amount of time of all the champions and only gets hit in the shoulder with the spiky tail of a dragon.

On the day of the second task, Harry can't find a way to breathe underwater. Harry's friend Dobby, the house elf, knows Harry is having trouble so he steals some gillyweed from Professor Snape's office. Chewing gillyweed gives a person gills for one hour. Harry rescues his own hostage, Ron, from the merpeople as well as Fleur's hostage because Fleur gets attacked by grindylows. Grindylows are water demons.

Harry gets to see Sirius, his godfather, in Hogsmead, the only wizard town in Great Britain. On the day of the third task Mrs. Weasley and Bill, Ron's oldest brother, come to watch Harry in the final task. When Harry and Cedric grab the cup at the same time it takes them to the place where Voldemort is. The deadly Avada Kadabra spell kills Cedric. Voldemort regains his power, but Harry manages to get away. In the end Harry gets 1,000 galleons for winning the tournament and gives the money to the Weasleys, who are poor.
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