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mi aiutate cn i verbi grazie. fate pure cosi che fate prima scrivete sl numero frse e verbo se volete grazie.

1- if I had not lied my boss, he (not fire) me.
2- I wish I (not spend) so much money on clothes. now I can not pay phon bill.
3- if I (have) his car, he would give us a lift to the station.
4- if you keep coming to work late, you (lose) your job.
5- if I had left on time, he (not be) late for the meeting.
6-if you stopped smoking (e droga),you (be) in better heath.

Grazie in anticipo e aspetto una risp prima possibile. ciao ciao
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1. he wouldn't have fired
2. I don't spend
3. I had
4. you will lose
5. he wouldn't have been
6. you would be
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