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Frasi sul futuro in inglese
(devo mettere il verbo al futuro al tempo giusto tra quello semplice o gli altri tipi di futuro grazie)
mi potete aiutare a mettere il verbo giusto
-I've bought some blue velvet and I(to ruake)curtains for the drawing room.
-Why are you carrying that saw?I(to shorten)the legs of the dining room table.
-I've planned my future for the next ten years. What(you,to do)when you leave the university?
-Why are you futting that old loaf into a paper bag?I(to give)it to Mrs hitt for her hens
-I hope he(to remember)to buy wine.
-what(your father,to say)when he hears about this accident?he(not,to say)much but he (not,to lend)rue the car again
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Nel futuro devi usare will, quando l'azione non è programmate, e usare Are going to (es I'm going to go to new york), quando l'azione è programmata...
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