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Mi serve il riassunto in inglese di questo testo vi prego!
England is the largest of four countries that make up the U.K.It is one of the greatest industrial and trading countries in the world.England is also famous for its charming countryside, but most English people live in crowded industrial cities.London the capital is the second largest city in the world after Tokio.The english are proud indipendent people whit a witty sense of humour.Many englishman have great respect for traditions.The curch of England or Angelican church is the official church and its spiritual head is the archbishop of Centebury.He has a seat in the house of Lords.
Scotland is one of the countries which form the United Kingdom.It is situated in the north of England and is the most mountainous part of Great Britain,whit the Southern Uplands and Northern Highlands,which comprise the range of the Grampians. The highest peak is Ben Nevis.
Scotland is rich in picturesque lakes,the most famous is Loch Ness.According to a legend,this lake is inhabited by a monster, a kind of prehistoric creature, whit a long neck and bumps on its back.However there is no scientific proof of its existence.Scotland is famous for its tartan,a woollen material used for making kilts, for its whisky and bagpipes.Scotland is governed from London. There is a special minister in the Government the Secretary of State for Scotland who is responsible for education and local governement in Scotland.English is the official language but above all in North group of people speak Scottish Gaelic the ancient language of the Celts.

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