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Ciao, mi servirebbe la descrizione di una citta' in inglese che non sia(los angeles, new york, roma, las vegas).
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hai provato a cercare qualcosa tra gli appunti?
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ti va bene valencia?

Founded by the Romans in the year 138 BC Valencia has accumulated enormous wealth from all the cultures which have resided here over the centuries ( Muslims, Goths …) . Stroll through Valencia and feel the plurality and evolution of a city where prosperous historical tradition and recent and innovative architecture stand side by side.

The historic centre with its religious temples, Gothic Barroque and Modernist monuments, the varied and renowned museums, the architectural projects such as the city of Arts and Science, and the Conference Palace are but a few of the many attractions which Valencia has to offer its visitors.

Valencia is one of the main industrial centres on the Mediterranean. It has also become a European Congress Centre as well as an important focal point for international business and trade fairs. Valencia is a cosmopolitan city and is ideal for commerce and cultural exchange.

Heavily influenced by the sea since its foundation, the city of Valencia’s maritime links are as strong now as they have ever been. Thanks to this close relationship with the sea, its expertise in staging important events and the unstinting efforts of central, regional and local government, Valencia has been selected ahead of 65 other cities around the world as the host of the 32nd America’s Cup. In hosting this international event in Spring 2007 Valencia will become an exceptional vantage point overlooking the Mediterranean, affording visitors an unrivalled view of the action.

This beautiful Mediterranean city enjoys a mild temperate climate and offers a wealth of gastronomical delights, festivals and cultural events. Browse through the site and find out everything you need to know about your stay.

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ciao Marcus abbiamo postato ocntemporaneamente io invece propongo FIRENZE:

Florence is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Italy and the world. It gave to birth many of the men who have more profoundly influenced the course of human history in every field of knowledge, art, literature and philosophy. Most of the world artistic patrimony is believed to be here, in Florence. Florentia, the city of flowers was the place where the Renaissance grew and anticipated Enlightenment and thus Modernity as a whole. Florence is reached every day by crowds of visitors who, in the attempt of seeing the city in only few days, are often overwhelmed by the huge amount of beauty and culture that the simple walking around its ancient streets imposes to every eye. Probably, a life dedicated entirely to the study of this unique city would not be sufficent to deepen the subject exhaustively enough. Surely, it is not possible to explain properly every monument, painting or concept originated from this fascinating city with a web site. We have tried to offer a preview, to those interested in coming and seeing for them selves, introducing the subjects we believed more interesting but aware of the fact that every topic we discussed might be deepened enormously and only with years of hard study and sharp observation. (tratto da qui)

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Aggiunto 45 secondi più tardi:

la mia citta è booo fattela tu

Aggiunto più tardi:

la mia citta è booo fattela tu

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Chiudo questo topic, perché della bellezza di 9 anni fa quasi!!!

PS: non intervenite in topic vecchissimi e per di più con commenti inutili.


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