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ciauu raga ^_^ vi prego potete aiutarmi? dovrei scrivere un brevissimo riassunto sulla storia di cenerentola però in inglese . Spero che mi aiuterete , 1 grazie in anticipo bacii
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In a far away, long ago kingdom, Cinderella is living happily with her mother and father until her mother dies. Cinderella's father remarries a cold, cruel woman who has two daughters, Genoveffa and Anastasia. When the father dies, Cinderella's wicked stepmother turns her into a virtual servant in her own house. Meanwhile, across town in the castle, the King determines that his son the Prince should find a suitable bride and provide him with a required number of grandchildren. So the King invites every eligible maiden in the kingdom to a fancy dress ball, where his son will be able to choose his bride. Cinderella has no suitable party dress for a ball, but her friends the mice, lead by Jaques and Gus, and the birds lend a hand in making her one, a dress the evil stepsisters immediately tear apart on the evening of the ball. At this point, enter the Fairy Godmother and with her magic power creates a wonderful dress for Cinderella,who menages to go to the royal ball and dance with the prince.But at midnight the magic is over and Cinderella loose one of her glass shoes: the prince will use this shoes to find out Cinderella and he finally marry her.

Spero vada bene! Controllalà però! Ciao :hi
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one upon a time there lived on un happy young girl.
unhappy she was for her mather was dead her father doughters and her stepmother didn't like her one loitle bit. but for the poor unhapy girl there was nothing at all. no dress just had-me- downs. in the kitchen, were cinderella was sitting all by. herself, there was a burst light and a fairy appeared . "don't be allarmed cinderella" said the fairy "i known you would love to go to the ball and so you shall "how can I dressed rags ?" cinderella replied "the servants wiil turn me away"!! the fairy smiled. with a flik of her magic wand cinderella found hersellf wearing the most beautiful dress. the love liest ever seen in the realm a real ledy would never go to a ball on foot!" quick! get me a pumpkin she are ered ( verbo sbagliato correggi!!!) "seven mice" cinderella returned whit all. "good!!" exclaimed the wonder of wander . the pupkin turned into a sparking coach and the mice become six wile horses, while the 7th nice or mouse turned into a coacman, in a smart unifornm and carrying a whip. cinderella could heardly believe he eyes "remember! you must leave the ball at 12 o'clock and came home you coach will turn back into a pumkin the horse will turn back into a mouse. and wearing clags in stad of this dointy little slippers!! when cinderella entered the ballroom at the palace, a hush fall ever gone stopped mid- sentence, to admire her beauty when the prince seteyes on cinderella he asked her to dance, but she heard the sound of a clok : this first stronke of 12! she remembered what the faury had said and withut a word of goobye she slipeed from the prince's arms and rand down the stips. as she ran she last one of her slippers the primnce who was now in lave (verbo errato!!) "go and search every where for the girl whose feat this slipper fits the slipper cinderella's foot a well (nn è corretto, correggi!!!) surprise!! the shipper fitt perfectly in a flesh, cinderella appeared beauty. the prince awaits to present you with his engongement ring! so cinderella joufully went to her prince.

ti conviene controllare l'ortografia perchè ci saranno errori.
fammi sapere poi cm ti va. ciao ciao
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Grazieee.. mi siete stati veramente d'aiuto :love Ciao:hi
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