Real-time and embedded operating systems

This Guide covers the fundamentals of (i) real-time and embedded operating systems (focusing mostly on the differences with general purpose operating systems such as Linux), and (ii) real-time programming. The emphasis is on Free Software and Open Source Software examples: RTAI, RTLinux, eCos, RT-EMS, uCLinux ..., with a more than proportional focus on RTAI. This text also talks about design issues, software patterns and frameworks for real-time applications. That is, the “high-level” aspects of these software projects. These higher levels are often poorly dealt with in publications on real-time programming, which leads to the unfortunate situation that still too many real-time programmers use only the powerful but dangerously unstructured API of their RTOS. Missing the chance to develop more structured, and, hence, more deterministic and more portable software systems. Both the low-level RTOS primitives, and the high-level design issues, are illustrated by the real-world example of a hard real-time core for feedback control and signal processing.

  • Esame di Sistemi embedded docente Prof. L. Pomante
  • Università: L'Aquila - Univaq
  • CdL: Corso di laurea magistrale in ingegneria delle telecomunicazioni
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Real-time and embedded operating systems
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