Project Work - Tesla Powerwall

Project work in inglese sulla batteria domestica Tesla Powerwall. Di seguito un breve riassunto dell'elaborato:
The goal of this project work is to verify if the battery Tesla Powerwall can be defined as
an innovative product.
An innovative product must have certain requirements to be defined as innovative: it must
meet a consumer need and have a price for which the consumer is willing to pay.
In the first part we analyzed the manufacturer Tesla Motors (included a mission statement),
and we analyzed the technology of the lithium battery and the market in which Powerwall
The electric storage market today is vibrant and in continuous development.
In the next part we analyzed the main competitors by making a table of benchmarking
arguing that today Powerwall has not a competitive price than other batteries but thanks to
the birth of the Gigafactory, there will be a drop price in the next years making Tesla
Powerwall more attractive to consumers.
To estimate if a Powerwall can really guarantee energy savings and economic benefits for
the consumer, we performed a simulation of the most common photovoltaic residential
systems that integrate a Powerwall. Due to the poor incentive plans in Italy about
residential batteries we made also some proposals estimating advantages and disadgantages
of each plan.
The installation of Tesla Powerwall determinates positive effects also for the whole electric
system, as an ANIE Energia’s study has releaved. In addiction to Powerwall, Elon Musk
has introduced a battery with a greater capacity designed for tertiary and industrial
buildings. We have seen how this product can be applied in the smart grid, the power grid
of the future, and what are the benefits for distribution and transmission networks by
analyzing the pilot smart grid Demo4.
In the last part about the future prospects of the electric storage, our team analyzed the
European policy in terms of energy noticing that you can not speak about electric storage
without considering the smart grid and renewable because they will be the energy
obligatory direction for European Union.

  • Esame di Gestione dell'innovazione tecnologica docente Prof. U. La commare
  • Università: Palermo - Unipa
  • CdL: Corso di laurea in ingegneria elettrica
  • SSD:
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