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Eating in Britain

As a consequence of the mad cow disease, consumption of red meat has
declined while poultry consumption has been growing. The most popular drink is
beer ...


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Nowadays one of the most dangerous problem of the society is pollution.


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Inglese per le Medie - Pagina 2 - Skuola.net

Appunti di lingua inglese per gli studenti delle scuole medie con riferimenti alla ...
comparism rules in making a test or creating a paragraph on more than one
person! ... che analizza sotto vari punti gli aspetti principali della prima età


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Olympic Games

The games in Greece were very popular, and soon, after the first Olympics, there
were more and more new events, for example wrestling, horse race, etc.


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Slavery - The history

The first black African slaves in Europe arrived in Portugal in 1444. 50 years later,
more than 500 slaves were imported into Europe every year. The white ...


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Social problems

Some more social ills ... The Government is running mass media campaigns
against the abuse of illicit drug and students in primary and secondary schools ...


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Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

A little more than a year after the death of Marilyn Monroe, dies the youngest man
elected United States' President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy; he was shot dead ...


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New Zealand

The pakeha (European New Zealanders) and the Maoris generally respect each
other's customs. The pakeha are learning more about Maori culture and how to ...


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New York City (2)

New York, or “The Big Apple” as it is called, is the biggest city in the USA with its
more than eight million people. The first people of New York were the Native ...


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Vietnam war - La guerra del vietnam

However, it seemed to have the opposite effect because the fighting became
more intense. By 1968, there were more than 500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand)


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US government

No branch has more power than the other through a system of checks and
balances. Congress consists of two houses: Senate and House of


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Puritani in America

For years the Mayflower had carried wine across the narrow seas between
France and England. Now it faced a much more dangerous voyage. For sixty-five


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... con schemino semplice sulla comunicazione utile come spunto per una tesina
... Up to a few months ago I used facebook more because I attended university ...


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Teatro Elisabettiano e il Glob theatre - Skuola.net

Among the theatres, most famous was the Globe theatre built by ... sides, creating
between actor and audience a more intimate dimension, which will represent ...


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Wordsworth, William - Daffodils

He was born in the English Lake District and he spent there his happy childhood
and most of his adult life; this place was to become his main source of ...


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11 - settembre - 2001

11 set 2001 ... One of the most brutal and sad pages in world history was tragically written on
Sept. 11th, 2001, and it took place in New York. A group of ...


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The Industrial Revolution

The most important new invention of the industrial revolution was the steam
engine, invented by James Watt, that was used to power the factories and pump
out ...


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Smoke helps to reduce appetite and this is the reason why girls smoke more than
... The media, and TV in particular, play a significant role in eating disorders.


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Civiltà - Pagina 11 - Skuola.net

Plymouth Dakar - The rally. The presentation of a kind of festival or yearly
celebrated rally in Dakar, Senegal! Each person drive for more than 6000 km.


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Orwell, George - Animal Farm e 1984

Vita, principali opere e trama di ognuna delle due opere prima citate. ... on the
barn are replaced by all animals are equal but some animals are more equal
than others”. ... Big brother became the simbols of enslavament of men to mass


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