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Slavery - The history

50 years later, more than 500 slaves were imported into Europe every year. The
white colonisers of southern America wanted workers for their sugar, cotton, ...


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Eating in Britain

As a consequence of the mad cow disease, consumption of red meat has
declined while poultry consumption has been growing. The most popular drink is
beer ...


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New Zealand

The pakeha (European New Zealanders) and the Maoris generally respect each
other's customs. The pakeha are learning more about Maori culture and how to ...


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Puritani in America

For years the Mayflower had carried wine across the narrow seas between
France and England. Now it faced a much more dangerous voyage. For sixty-five


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Teatro Elisabettiano e il Glob theatre - Skuola.net

Among the theatres, most famous was the Globe theatre built by ... sides, creating
between actor and audience a more intimate dimension, which will represent ...


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New York City (2)

New York, or “The Big Apple” as it is called, is the biggest city in the USA with its
more than eight million people. The first people of New York were the Native ...


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... con schemino semplice sulla comunicazione utile come spunto per una tesina
... Up to a few months ago I used facebook more because I attended university ...


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Nowadays one of the most dangerous problem of the society is pollution.


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Island, Ellis

Today, more than 40% of all living Americans are descendants of the immigrants
who came through Ellis Island. Immigrants came from all over Europe.


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Vietnam war - La guerra del vietnam

Near the end of the war more than 2.5 million (two point five million) American
soldiers ... La Storia Del Fascismo - La Seconda Guerra Mondiale (1941-1943) ...


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Dickens, Charles

Most of Dickens' characters belong to the lower-middle class. The characters of
other social classes are less secure and more stereotyped. Great expectation


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US government

No branch has more power than the other through a system of checks and
balances. Congress consists of two houses: Senate and House of


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Woolf, Virginia

Her “moments of being” are similar to Joyce's epiphanies, but he was more
interested in language experimentation, while she used a poetic and allusive
lexicon ...


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Inglese per le Medie - Pagina 2 - Skuola.net

Appunti di lingua inglese per gli studenti delle scuole medie ...


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Shakespeare, William - Sonetto 18 - Skuola.net

Shakespeare - Parafrasi Sonetto 18. Shall I compare you to a summer's day?
You are more lovely and more delightful: Rough winds shake the much loved
buds ...


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Olympic Games

The games in Greece were very popular, and soon, after the first Olympics, there
were more and more new events, for example wrestling, horse race, etc.


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Social problems

In general, most of addicts are in London and in all big English cities. The
Government is running mass media campaigns against the abuse of illicit drug
and ...


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Most tsunamis happen within the Ring of Fire. Tsunamis are very dangerous, if
people don't pay attention. If you think that a tsunami is going to hit you must go in


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Henry VIII Tudor

The most important event during his reign was the breach with Rome. He
separated the Church of England from Rome for both political and personal


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Education in Britain.

These last ones may be comprehensive, in which there are students of mixed
abilities or selective, which improve more specific abilities. At the age of 16 to 18


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