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traduzione in italiano - Forum - Skuola.net

I took up the two officers in my hands, put them first into my coat-pockets, and
then into every other pocket about me, except my two fobs, and ...


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inglese\2 - Forum - Skuola.net

1-----it's better that he take my picture\photo. 2---dopo il compito feci intervallo 2---
after the test i took a break. 3---preferisco prendermi un rischio ...


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Traduzione Gulliver in the land of giants!!!!!!! :) - Forum - Skuola.net

This prince took a pleasure in conversing with me, inquiring into the manners,
religion, laws, government, and learning of Europe; wherein I ...


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inglese aiutooooooo - Forum - Skuola.net

The thieves took a handkerchief of a man named Bronlow and ran away. Oliver
couldn't escape and was arrested by a policeman. Bronlow ...


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traduzione the laputians! Aiutooooooooo - Forum

His majesty took not the least notice of us, although our entrance was not without
sufficient noise, by the concourse of all persons belonging to ...


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descrizione cameretta - Forum - Skuola.net

there is a Yackuzi, too. i love stay inside of it, because i love swim and the water.
when my friends come, I always took a little table, and I put it ...


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Salve potreste aiutarmi a corregere questa traduzione ... - Skuola.net

C. In the Lombard period the arc was incorporated in the northern side of the wall
and took the name of the Golden Gate, there arose beside the ...


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Traduzione testo in inglese - 3° media - Forum

The crossing took 5 hours, we had a bit 'of seasickness, but we were bored a lot
because the ship had several amusements, shops, a library, ...


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Aiuto ,Help pleaseeee(inglese) - Forum - Skuola.net

For a little I had put off my house and took lodgings ; and as I was reducing my
living , so I sold off most of my goods , which put a little money in ...


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risp è urgentee (69098) - Forum

Prue, a perfect angel with the others, and sometimes now, at night especially, she
took one's breath away with her beauty. Andrew — even her ...


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Mike: They took some jeweller's out of the window. You: and..where did they put it
? Mike:They put it in their pockets. You: and then? where did ...


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Inglese :D (94786) - Forum

Her boyfriend came in their car and they took me home". 2. Inserisci il pronome
relativo corretto in ogni frase - That's the dog ate our dinner!


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riassunto d inglese - Forum

The first carnival took place in 1964. It was created by immigrants from the
Carribean, where the carnival tradition is very strong. Many of these ...


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The boys polished them with their spoons till they shone again; and when they
had performed this operation (which never took very long, the spoons being ...


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cosa ho fatto ieri, in inglese - Forum - Skuola.net

After having eaten lunch I started doing my homework straight away, it took me
two hours. Once I'd had a rest, I rang my friends to see if they ...


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E' giusto secondo voi questo tema in inglese? - Forum - Skuola.net

Meat may introduces also toxics substances that the animal took during its life. In
alternative, the vegetarian diet tries to replace the nutritives ...


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Lettera di scuse - Forum - Skuola.net

Sorry I took so long to answer your letter. I'd like to tell you something about my
school trip, it was really great! I went with my class to Rome for 5 ...


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raccontare un evento in inglese - Forum - Skuola.net

arrived on the 10th we went to the beach and we started to dance, eat and drink
as we had never done. midnight as a tradition we took a bath ...


Categorie: Forum

Inglese x domani e urgente :OO - Forum - Skuola.net

traditionally took place occasion come together ---- Es. 3. 1. Bonfire night is on
5th of November. 2. People usually eat potatoes and drink soup.


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Traduzione inglese , The miller - Geoffrey Chauncer - Forum

Its quality and took three times his due – A thumb of gold, by God, to gauge an
oat! He wore a hood of blue and a white coat. He liked to play his ...


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