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Rispondi Cita Salva
Libri Di lingua inglese usati come classici alle superiori:

* the murders in the rue morgue and other stories 4,9€
* Two shakespearian tragedies 4,70€
* A Sherlock Holmes collection 4,85€

Della collana Black cat:
(green apple) King artur and his knights 5E
the vegas Hills Carnival Mistery 5.30
The taming of the shrew 6.90
Le Morte d'arthur 6
Macbeth 5.90
Wicked and Humorous Tales 5.90
Sense and sensibility 6
The picture of dorian gray 6.10
the mourders in the rue morgue and the purloined letter 5.90
Beowulf 6.50
The merchant of Venice 6.50

Due classici in versione integrale in inglese:

Waiting for Godot 5.70
Look back in anger 6.30

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