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Riscrivi le frasi al past simple. 1) The football match starts at 3 o clock.
Last Sunday.................
2)My sister can play the paino.
When she was young..............
3) He doesn't get up very early.
4)We study Spanish at summer school.
Two years ago.....................
5)We don't have time to go shopping.
Last week.......................
6)My brother goes to the USA.
In 1999.................
Scrividomande e risposte al Past Simple utilizzando le parole daate.
1)have dinner /yesterday/with Anna/you? No/ be ill
2)you/a postcard/send/David/from Paris? No/have/not/his address
3)could/speak/you/English/you/a child/be? Yes/my grandmother/be/Scottish
4)your brother/when/be/at university/write/poetry? No/write/he/a novel
5)at the weekend/be/it/sunny/in London? No/be/it/cold and wet
6)the first man/who/be/walk/on the moon?be/ Neil Armstrong/it

Correggi le affermazioni come nell'esempio
1)The Berlin wall fell in 1960.
The Berlin wall didn't fall in 1960. It fell in 1989
2)Dante wrote Romeo and Juliet.
3)World War II ended in 1935.
4)Shakespeare lived in Italy.
5)Leonardo da Vinci was French.
6)The Americans landed on Mars.
7)Italy won the World Cup in 2002.
8)Jhon Paul II came from Hungry.
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Intanto cco a te il primo esercizio...

1. Last Sunday the football match started at 3 o clock.
2. When she was young My sister can played the piano
3. Yesterday he doesn't got up very early
4. Two years ago we studied Spanish at summer school.
5. Last week We didn't have time to go shopping.
6. In 1999 my brother went to the USA.

Se posso, più tardi ti faccio gli altri due..
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