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Complete each sentence with the appropriate preposition of movement: at, to, into or towards
We arrived____the theatre very late.
A huge dog ran_____me and I screamed.
Throw the ball_____me and I'll catch it.
We're working_____reaching an agreement.

Complete the questions with the correct alternative. O means no word should be added.
Where_____Linda gone?
Is he____to come to the party?
Could you tell us_____what time the swimming pool opens?
____she play the guitar?
What____happened to him yesterday?
Do you know where___the butter is?
Can you tell me___you've finished with that book?
When does the film___?
I'd like to know whether____you're going to the party?
Would you mind telling me who___gave you this money?

There are mistakes in eight of the prepositions in the phrases in italics.
Find the mistakes and correct them.
We went out for a lovely meal at Valentine's Day.
I spent the whole day lying at the beach and reading my book.
He stood up and left in the middle of the film.
I've been at Rome twice
We're working to an agreement about pay at work at the moment.
I'm really looking forward to seeing you all on New Year.
She arrived to the party really late because her train was delayed.
Everyone went quiet the minute she walked to the room.
He's lived in South Africa for ten years.
It was difficult to get tickets but at the end, we got some on the internet.

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