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Chi ha voglia di leggere il mio tema? Mi dite cosa ne pensate? L'ho già consegnato, sto aspettando il voto, è solo per avere un parere :)

Firstly I have to say that this is a very subjective topic, but speaking in general the truth of this short sentence depends on different aspects of your life. To be honest I think that is really unfair. How could I speak? I mean, actually I am a teenager right now, I do not know anything about being an adult or something that it’s not what I am at the moment. Maybe, I may speak or maybe just not. It’s not that easy as it seems, I can say a lot of things about this -period- and at the same time I can’t. Why? Because, first of all it’s different. How? There is a huge difference between a teenager and someone else. The point of view changes and the words change too. I’m saying that a person who is not into this, into teen years, might laugh at me, but it’s ok we all grew up, we all laugh at what we were before. We are not aliens of course but it’s still different when you are, you were and you have been. It starts to sound a little weird so let’s see what I can say. As I’ve said before this thing is really subjective, yes we are all teenagers but we are not the same, we have different lives and different brains. As far as I concern I don’t have many positive opinions about teen years. That would be positive if it came farther in your life, but it doesn’t and so it’s negative to me, it’s like a disease of your mind for some reason. These are years of changes, but the thing I can’t stand it’s when your ideas change so quickly that you don’t even have the time to have them clear, to see them. Today you think this, tomorrow you think that. There are no rules. You have them from the outside, but what’s the point if you can’t use them properly for yourself? Who cares about all that, if you can’t cope with yourself? And beyond this there’s a universe of thoughts, among which you have to choose the right ones to build up your personality, and it’s not easy. Usually I don’t like to generalize but most of the times I have to, it’s hard to explain this point but I’ll try; I literally freak out when someone says “they are just teenagers, they are all the same, they are pessimistic, they think they have all the problems in this world, they do this, they say that, they break the rules, they want to be adults when they are not...” the first thing that runs through my mind is that no one has the right to judge you, to put you in a stupid group of people because they look like you, they can look what they want, but I don’t say that someone is like someone else. Then I wonder why for some aspects we are all similar. Coming to the point, I should generalize but I don’t. Why? Because we are what we are, we live our lives in different ways, we live the same emotions, we share the same world, but we are not the same. We can look like we are but there’s always something more behind appearances. So, is it a huge coincidence or what? Maybe. Maybe that’s not, because coincidences don’t exist or simply because we don’t believe they do. And so what? I think that is obvious that sometimes things can be close to be equal, like two drops of water, but they are not, because they exist separately. So once we have clear up the uniqueness of everything and everyone we can move forward to something else. The pros and cons of being a teenager. I don’t want to lie but I don’t know what to say about pros at all! We have a lot of time for us...mine is wasted, is that for someone this can be positive and for someone else who doesn’t know how to occupy it, it can be negative. It depends. Something else? Being young, having your family always around you, that’s it, and these are circumstances to me not proper cons. You can add the time spent hanging out with friends and all that stuff but when you are older it all vanishes away and you only have a bunch of memories with you. Maybe I can’t find many advantages of being a teenager instead of an adult because I’m a teenager and not an adult. I can only imagine some of them: you don’t have to pay for anything, you don’t have to work, you are part of a family but you don’t have your own, you can be pretty careless. If you are lucky you can. If you don’t waste your time over thinking. Searching for an answer that has no question. Yes, if you do that you are lost forever, I say forever not to emphasize this concept but because I do not know its specific terms of time, so I can think that teen years would last forever as all the periods of our life if we want to. Life is like a spider web, if you make the wrong decisions you will remain trapped into it, you can try to escape but if you don’t understand how to get out you won’t go on. Many people say that we should look forward to the future and let the past go, but I think that the most important thing to do is to know what your present is made of, who you are. If you lose this step you lose yourself. Maybe it’s what teen years are all about, finding yourself. At the beginning I’ve said that this period of our life, it’s like a mind’s disease and now I want to explain why. Recently someone told me that I wasn’t that strange as I thought I were, it’s that I’ve understood the wrong things at the wrong time. If I were some sort of hermit there would be no problems but since I’m not, I’m trying to solve this problem that I can’t even realize, by myself but I’m not happy for this. They also say that we can never really know ourselves and if we try we will go insane, but here’s the question: since youth is knowing yourself, if you get caught by time and you don’t respect the rules that life impose to us, you will drive yourself crazy? Has anybody ever thought about these consequences? And one more time no answer for no question, because if we faced it, if I did, I would know that these are not questions, because questions need an answer. What’s the purpose of life? or why are we here? who’s got the answers? No one, isn’t this insane? So my conclusion is that these years are the years of the pointless questions, or at least my years, as I speak for myself. The years of the sense of disconnection between heart and reason, between what the world says and what you say. And just to point this out, I believe age is only a number, I don’t know anything about experience or knowledge, I’m only seventeen and I know it, but for me age means understanding yourself and the others, the efforts to learn how we works. So having said that, I don’t think these are the best years of our life, there are problems with everything and with everybody, everywhere. I’d have to be stupid to say it, maybe I am, maybe I’m not, but they can be whatever you want them to be.
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mmmh...si mi piace :)
forse nell'introduzione c'è qualche ripetizione e qualche traduzione un po' alla lettera dall'italiano all'inglese, però poi andando avanti il problema si risolve...mi piace sia l'impostazione del testo sia il lessico che hai usato ù.ù
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Grazie comunque qualcosa mi dice che il prof ha disperso il mio tema, ancora non me l'ha riconsegnato!!! :( spero di aver preso un voto decente almeno.
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