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is Oliver walking to school?
is Oliver waiting for the bus?
is it true the bus is late?
where's Oliver?
where's Oliver mum?

oliver oh,hi,mum.what's the matter?
mum nothing.everything's fine.where are you?
oliver i'm on my way to school.
mum right.are you walking to school?
oliver no,i'm not.i never walk to know that?
i'm waiting for the bus, but it's late again
mum on dear! and it's raining, too. er...what's that terrible noise?
oliver that's Jack and Arjan
mum what are they doing? are they arguing?
oliver no,they aren't.they're checking their homework
why all the question,mum?
mum no reason....i can hear a Dan playing the guitar at the bus stop?
oliver no,he isn't! Gemma's listening to music on her phone.mum,i've got to go.
i'm getting on the bus now.
mum come off it, aren't getting on the bus!
oliver what do you mean?
mum Oliver,i'm sitting in the car outside the cafè.
look out of the tell me why yopu aren't at school, please!
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1. No, he isn't.
2. No, he isn't waiting the bus.
3.No, it isn't true.
4. Oliver is at the cafè.
5. Oliver's mum is sitting in the car outside the cafè.
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grazie !!!!!!!!
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