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Raga potreste farmi il riassunto in inglese di questo brano.Grz in anticipo, ecco:

Old English literature was written in Anglo-Saxon from the second half of the 5th century to the time of the Norman conquest in 1066.It includes different genres such as epic poetry,chronicles,riddles,translations of the Bible from Latin,stories about the lives of saints and sermons. Old English poetry was anonymous and oral.The poet,called scop,entertained the noblemen in the halls of kings,often accompanied by a harp.The scop's social function was extremely important since it provided a common cultural identity.What these poets sang from memory was chronicle,history,myth and legend expressed in two complementary modes:the epic and the elegiac.Anglo-Saxon poetry was formed in a long process of collective memorisation,from mouth to mouth and frome one period to the next until the 11th century,when it reached the pen of the church clerks who fixed its form. During the Middle Ages the lyric became a popular poetic form.The earliest lyrics about love and nature became popular. An emerging genre was that of metrical romances.They were tales in verse about chivalry to which were added a love interest and all sorts of wonders like fairies,giants,dragons and wizards.The first English romances were translations from the French ones,adapted to the English taste and tradition.The Arthurian legends appear in the greatest of all English metrical romances,Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight. Geoffrey Chaucer dominated the period.He wrote in the East Midland dialect,which gradually became the basis of Modern English.
In the 15th century,prose romances appeared;among these was a succession of separate prose romances by Sir Thomas Malory that were printed under the title of Le Morte d'Arthur in 1485.
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Ciao Luca!
perché non provi a farlo in italiano e poi ti facciamo la traduzione? Anche perché dovresti capire di cosa stai parlando :)
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hai ragione, dopo lo traduco. Cmq parla delle origini della letterature inglese
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