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vascp - Eliminato - 408 Punti
1)Write your personal comments about the sentences. ( so o neither)
1 I'm good at Matchs. So am I./I'm not.I am good at History.
2 I like fuit and vegetables.
3I was at home yesterday.
4 Jason is English.
5 I'm not hungry right now.
6 John can play the guitar very well.
7 I don't like selfish people.
8 I've got two brothers and a sister.
9 I think parades are fantastic.

2)Complete the sentences with the appropiate forms of say or tell.
1 Jenny is ...... her husband that she must go to a meeting this afternoon.
2 Did Mr Brown ....... when the programme starts?
3 I can't hear the teacher; what is she ....... ?
4 Who ........ you come earky yesterday ?
5 Last night, Mark .......... that he didn't feel well so I ......... him to go home.
6 To ......... you the truth, I don't really like Sally very much.
7 Jason often .......... he has a headache, but no one believes him.
8 Martha' s son ........... that his computer doesn't work.
3)Report what the people are saying. Use the correct form of say or tell.

1 Mark to Jane:"I want to go the cinema tonight". Mark is telling Jane he wants to go the cinema tonight.
2 Alison :" That's my English book."
3 Sean to his parents:"I'm not going out right now."
4 The teacher to his students:"You can eat your sandwiches now."
5 Max: " I have got a new English friend."
6 Mr Smith to his wife :" We haven't got any milk".
7 Tim: " I want to buy a new car."
8 Marilyn to Susan: " I think your boyfriend is really cute!"

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4)Report what the people said yesterday. Use said,told,or wanted to know.
1 Mark said:" Where's Peter staying in London?"
2 Jessica said to her boyfriend:"I love you so much!"
3 Florence said to Dean:" Why can't you help me whit the washing-up?"
4 Helen said to Mira :" I feel terrible today."
5 Sam said:" I know the answer to the teacher's question."
6 Ashley said to Luke:"Too many sweets are bad for your teeth."
7 Julia said :" Why can't I go to the cinema whit my friends tonight?"
8 Freddy said to his father:" There isn't any petrol in the car."

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Le frasi numero uno degli esercizi 1 e 3 sono degli esempi su come si fanno gli esercizi ....
MiCo9 - Sapiens Sapiens - 1005 Punti
é meglio se ricontrolli le regole vascp

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Mi le regole dicono che per tradurre le espressioni anch'io, anche a me,in inglese si usa so + verb ausiliare o modale + sogg

invece nelle espressioni neanche a me, neanch'io neppure io, nemmeno a me si usa neither+ verb ausiliare o modale + sogg

nn cpt nt . mi aiuti , per favore....

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ascolta me lo fai il primo ,per favore. non lo so fare !!! :thx

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MiCo9 - Sapiens Sapiens - 1005 Punti
al 1 devi rispondere commentando le domande usando so e neither
Es:I like neither fruit nor vegetables
al 2 devi trascrivere take e say alla forma che richede la frase
Es:Jenny is telling...
al 3 devi riscrivere le frasi in discorso indiretto usando say o tell
Es:Alison is saying that's his english book
Credo sia giusto
vascp - Eliminato - 408 Punti
MiCo9 - Sapiens Sapiens - 1005 Punti
So I wasn't at school.
Se tu stavi a casa nn potevi stare contemporaneamente a scuola.
vascp - Eliminato - 408 Punti
spiegati meglio non ho capito....

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quindi ad es la 4 viene:
so is I. I'm not. He is german
MiCo9 - Sapiens Sapiens - 1005 Punti
La traduzione di quella frase è:
Io ieri ero a casa. Quindi non ero a scuola
Capito adesso?

Aggiunto 20 minuti più tardi:

Jason is English . So he isn't German.
Oppure puoi usare neither
vascp - Eliminato - 408 Punti
ah si. cpt

Aggiunto 6 minuti più tardi:

quindi l'es uno viene così:
2 neither do I.
3 so was I. I wasn't at school yesterday
4 neither do I.
5 so am I.
6 neither do I. john can paly very weel the piano.
7 so do I . i like generous people.
8 neither do I. I have got one brother.
9 so do I.

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{Zahra} - Eliminato - 11670 Punti
Piuttosto che postare gli esercizi uno per uno in continuazione, falli bene tutti e li posti qui per essere corretti in una volta sola.
vascp - Eliminato - 408 Punti
ok aspe
vascp - Eliminato - 408 Punti
cosa devo fare ??????
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