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  • la bomba atomica di nagasaki e hiroshima testi

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aiutatemi a scrivere un testo sulla bomba atomica di nagasaki e hiroshima
vi brego.
vi ringrazio in anticipo ;)
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On 6 august 1945 the United States used an atomic weapon, called Little Boy, against Hiroshima and, three days later ( the bomb called Fat Man) agaist Nagasaky. More than 200.000 people died.
For the severity of direct and indirect damage caused by the bombs, and the fact that it was the first and only use of such weapons in the war, the two atomic attacks are considered among the most significant episodes of war in the entire history of humanity.
The United States think that the atomic bombings have served to shorten the Second World War saving the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians.
In Japan, public opinion, however, tends to support the bombings as war crimes are to accelerate the process of surrender of Japanese military government.
nerina.it - Erectus - 64 Punti
gr tante ;)
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