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  • inglese help me!!!è urgente vi prego

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salve ragazzi,vorrei ke voi mi aiutasse x domani ho da consegnare un compito di inglese,cioè
le differenze di chimney sweeper 1 e chimney sweeper 2 di william blake in italiano,x favore aiutatemi,vi prego è urgente,grazie,ciao
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questa è un analisi

About content:
1) the poet is speaking with the voice of the chimney sweeper
2) the addressee is the reader
3) there is no setting in time and place
4) the main subject is Tom’s dream. trough it, the poet shows us the terrible conditions of life of the chimney sweepers. This poem is made up of six stanzas.
5) This poem is narrative. There are no questions but the poet simply tells us the facts.
6) The tone is serious, sad and pitiful.
7) The poem evokes a sense of pity and sadness.
8) Yes, behind some words there is a meaning. For example, the poet uses the word “coffins” to means chimneys but also to means a coffin, to symbolize that many little children had died while they were working.

About verses:
1) the rhyme scheme is AABBCC.

About language:
1) the language is quite simple and direct.

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