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Ragassi aiuto! Me lo fate? Please

- Write a letter to your friend lucy. When you opened your mail this morning there was an invitation to her party on Saturday evening (two days ago). Explain why you didn't go. Use the guidelines below.
1. Thanks lucy for the invitation
2. Explain why didn't go
3. Say you are sorry you weren't there
4. Ask what everyone dance/sing. etc
5. Say you hope everyone enjoyed the party

Che sia un po' lungo :)
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Scrivila tu in italiano poi ti diamo una mano a tradurla :)
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Dear Lucy
How are you? Thanks for inviting me to your party last Saturday but unfortunately I only saw the invitation this morning. Why didn't you call me!? I'm sorry I wasn't there because I love parties. How many people came? All of our friends? What music did you play? Did everyone dance? I love dancing. I hope everyone enjoyed the party. Are you going to have another one soon? Please let me know

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