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avrei un es da chiedervi..
l'es e di grammatica sui verbi, io l'ho ftt xo nn sn tanto sicura di averlo fatto giusto...
ecco l'es:
in pratica dv scegliere, fra i verbi tra parentesi, quello giusto

1. they didn't have that cassette in the first shop I went to but I (could) - (was able to) - (might) find it in the next shop.
2. They will only (can) - (be able to) - (may) come next week.
3. I (could) - (might) play basketball very well when I was younger.
4. I looked everywhere for the invoice but I (couldn't) - (mightn't) find it.
5. We (might not) - (were not allowed) to visit the castle because there was a political meeting there.
6. How (can) - (may) ho know the new plan? He (can) - (may) have spoken to the president.

grazie in anticipo

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1) could
2) be able to
3) could
4) couldn't
5) were not allowed
6) can e can

Alessiann - Habilis - 170 Punti
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grazie grazie grazie e ancora grazie :) :) :)
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