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Leggi il dialogo tra Gaham e Jim.

Graham: Hello,jim. You look happy!
Jim: I'm incredibly happy! I've just won a holiday for two in a competition. The travel agency phoned me at nine o'clock this morning to tell me.
Jim:The prize is a two week holiday in America,Thailand or Egypt.My wife wants to go to Egypt but i'd prefer to go to America because America really attracts me.I've got would be a good opportunity.Also if we go to America,we won't have any problems speaking the language!
Graham: When are you going?
Jim:We were planning to have a holiday in July anyway(=in ogni caso), so probably we'll go in July.

Qualche giorno dopo Graham riferisce la conversazione all'amico Peter. Completa il racconto trasformando in discorso indiretto le frasi di Jim.

Graham: I saw the other day. Guess that!(=Indovina!)
Peter: What?
Graham: Well,he said he was incredibly happy. He said ....He said the prize....
Peter:Where is he going to go?
Graham:Well,he said his wife.....
Peter:When is he going to go?
Graham: He said .....
{Zahra} - Eliminato - 11670 Punti
Graham: I saw (Jim?) the other day. Guess what!
Peter: what?
Graham: Well, he said he was incredibly happy. He said he'd just won a competition! He said that the prize was a holiday for two!
Peter: Where is he going to go?
Graham: Well, he said his wife wants to go to Egypt, but he'd prefer America, because he thinks of it as a good opportunity and the language isn't a problem too.
Peter: When is he going to go?
Graham: He said they'll go in July no matter what the location.

Spero vada bene :hi
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