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Young people in britain simply love music.Not many can play an instrument,but 92 o/o have got an MP3 player and 63 o/o download music off the internet! With legendary bands like The Beatles,Sex Pistols and Coldplplay,Britain is famous for its rock music.Festivals like that of Glastonbury are still popular,but brits of today prefer hip hop,rap and dance to rock.britain is also the birthplace of some unique genres of electronic music:Drum'n'Bass,Acid House and Trip Hop .Another recent music phenomenon is beatboxing.Beatboxers use a microphone,but they don't sing.Instead,they can reproduce the sound of percussions and drums with their mouths! Famous beatboxers are very good at this and can create amazing rhythms.What about you ? Can you imitate any instruments with your voice ?

esercizio:Leggi le affermazioni e segna se sono vere o false.correggi e riscrivi sul quaderno quelle false

1.British people hate music. T F
2.The Beatles,Sex Pistols and Coldplay are famous rock bands. T F
3.All young Brits can play a musical instrument. T F
4.Brits today prefer hip hop to rock. T F
5.Trip Hop is a British genre of rock music. T F
6.Beatboxers don't use microphones. T F
7.Beatboxers are good at reproducing sounds with their mouths. T F
8.Beatboxers also play the drums. T F

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1)F (Young people in britain simply love music)
3)F(Not many can play an instrument,but 92 o/o have got an MP3 player and 63 o/o download music off the internet!)
5)F(trip hop is a unique genre of elettronic music)
6)F(Beatboxers use a microphone,but they don't sing)

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ps_la correzione delle sbagliate è tra parentesi!:)

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