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salve raga mi potreste comporre un testo di esigue dimensioni su una vacanza in un posto di mare qualunque sia....quanto ci siete stati...cosa avete fatto ..come ci siete arrivati cc. ecc. scrivete quello che volete naturalmente in english

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one year ago I went to st. george's,( grenada's capital city) on holiday with my friends, for a week. We left home with plenty of time, but there was a huge traffic jam! anyway, we finally arrived at the airport just 10 minutes before the plane was going to leave and we didn't lost the flight. At 6.00 pm we arrived at the port of st george's,and our guide,christel, took us to our hotel. 2 hours later My friends decided to enjoy the excursion round the island, wich included a visit to a spice plantation and Carib's Leap, the cliffs where, in the 17 century the last of carib indian are said to have jumped to their death rather than become slaves. Some of the group, includinng myself, prefereed to look around st george's itself. We spent a fascinating morning in the market, where you can buy all kind of souvenirs produced: fruits, spices and a bewildering variety of fish. The following days, we went sightseeing: we saw the cathedral and surprisingly, a big zoo, but also the 18th Century Fort Rupert. We met a lot people..
qst potrebbe essere un inizio...dimmi cosa devo aggiungere
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Attento che nel titolo di questo thread hai scritto "an holiday"...davanti a holiday ci va solo "a" perchè l'h non è muta!!!

That said, I'll close this thread :hi
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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