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Dovrei svolgere questo compito per lunedì , solamente che ho troppi compiti e non ce la farei ! se potete darmi una mano ve ne sarei grata !
Dovrei inventare una storia con queste parole:

Ran, Went in , Ate up, Put on, Lay down, Came, Knoked, Said , Went in, Saw, Said, Jumped out , Ate up, Heard, Came in , Killed , Lived.

Aiutatemi per favore , grazie !!
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se scrivi tu la storia in italiano potrei tradurtela io...
Miss_Alexia - Erectus - 112 Punti
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O.O è poprio quello il problema..non ho fantasia ! xD
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There was a little man who ran because of a dog that was running after him. So he saw a restaurant and he decide to went in it. He ordered pasta, meat and fruit, and ate them up. He lay his head back down, and became to pray God to be saved from the dog. He went out of the restaurant and he saw the dog again: so he put an hand on its head, but it knocked him and tried to bite him. So he said: Heeeeeeeelp!!! And became to run again...he saw a corral and he decide to went in it, but the dog was able to do it too, so hi jumped out and ran again. Than he saw an apple tree, he cought an apple, he threw it against the dog and it ate it up. So he run away, but than he heard a rifle shot, and he stop. he turned and saw the dog laying down..he thought he has been killed, so he came in a hospital. He was worry, bur thanks God the dog lived, and they became friends =) . ( è una storia un po' scema xD ma mi è venuta così)
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chiudo causa scadenza tempo.
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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