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complete the conversation using the superlative from of the adjective.
esempio: 1.that house is very big.
yes, it's the biggest house in the village.

2. The ritz is a very expensive hotel.
yes, .................... in London
3.Appleton is a very pretty village.
yes,.......... in England.
4.New York is a very cosmopolitan city.
yes, ........... in the world.
5.Brad Pitt is a very popular film star.
yes,......... in America
6.Miss Smith is a very funny teacher.
yes,............... in our school.
7.Anna is a very intelligent student.
yes,...... in the class.
8.This is a very easy exercise.
yes,......... in the book.

C'E ANCHE QUESTO:Correct the sentences:
1.Yesterday was more hot than today
2.She's taller that her brother.
3.I'm the most young in the class
4.Last week was busyer than this week
5.He doesn't got any sisters
6.Do you got any bread?
7.My homework is the worse in the class
8.This exercise is most difficult in the book

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2, it's the most expensive.
3 it's the prettiest.
4 it's the most cosmopolitian.
5 he's the the most popular.
6 she's the funniest.
7 she's the most intelligent.
8 it's the easiest.

1 was hotter.
2 his brother.
3 the yongest.
4 was more busy.
5 he haven't got.
6 Have you got.....?
7...non c'è niente di sbagliato alla sette, worse significa peggiore, a meno ke non devi cambiare "is" con "was".
8 the most difficult, non most difficult.

Questo è tutto...
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ok grassie mille baci
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