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mi potete fare il riasunto di qst capitolo in inglese? -urgente-

oliver twist was born in a workhouse and for a long time after his birth there was considerable doubt whether the child would live. he lay breathless for some time trying to decide between this world and the next. after a few struggles however he breathed coughed and gave a loud cry. the pale face of a young woman was raised weakly from the bed and in a faint voice she said " let me see the child and die". "oh you must not talk about dying yet", said the doctor as he rose from where he was sitting near the fire and advanced towards her. "Goodness no!" added the poor old woman who was acting as nurse. the doctor placed the child in its mother's arms; she pressed her cold white lips on its forehead; passed her handsover her face;looked wildly around fell back-and died. "it's all over"said the doctor at last. "ah poor dear so it is!"said the old nurse. "she was a good-looking girl, too" added the doctor. "where did she come from?" she was brought here last night"replied the old woman."she was found lying in the street. she had walked some distance for her shoes were torn to pieces but where she came from, or where she was going nobody knows." the old story" said the doctor shaking his head as he raised the dead woman's left hand. "no wedding ring i see. ah! good night!". while the nurse dressed him, oliver cried loudly.if he had known, though, what the future held for him, the motherless child would have cried even louder.

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Ma scusa lo vuoi in Inglese o in Italiano?
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in inglese
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